August 26, 2011

MV Group Featured in AZO Build

Brickell Design Center to Offer Exclusive Construction Services to Realty Partners

The Brickell Design Center was officially launched by a construction, building and project management company, MV Construction Group. Infinity’s ground floor at Brickell tower houses an attractive showroom that aims to offer innovative concepts, render turnkey construction and design services to realty partners in South Florida.

The retail showroom offers excellent interior finishing and the promise of converting an ordinary unit into a customized masterpiece in a period of less than a month.

Manny A Varas, a prominent Miami business leader heads the MV Construction Group and this year, the company has won several orders on a large number of popular facilities in South Florida summing up to nearly $300 million in real estate value and 900,000 sq.ft of construction. The objective of the Brickell Design Center is to market the company’s services to a larger audience ensuring that everyone can avail its specialized solutions.

According to Varas, customer satisfaction and innovativeness are two key components of any business. The Design Center intends to fulfill these requirements and provide consistent and supportive service to its realty partners and customers.

The company has constructed onsite design centers for a large number of buildings and is a preferred vendor for those facilities such as IOS on the bay, Terra Beachside Villas, Meridian 5 Lofts, Ponce Residences and Jefferson Lofts.

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