September 17, 2020

Miami High-End Luxury Residential Construction Projects 2020

Miami is synonymous with high-end, cutting-edge luxury accommodation. From gleaming high-rise hotels to sumptuous apartments, Miami is the place to go if you want the very best in inspiration, comfort, and style. New developments seek to outdo each other in architectural innovation and opulence, vying to attract connoisseurs of glamour and high living.

Miami living means a quality lifestyle. Central to living your best life is a space that’s right for you. You need a home that represents your personality and aspirations, as well as meeting your individual needs. Developers in Miami have embraced this, delivering new accommodation concepts for a demanding and sophisticated clientele. There’s never been a better time to seek out property in the Magic City.

Whether you’re searching for your new home or buying property as an investment, there is something for everyone in Miami. Perhaps you’re hoping to move into an apartment as soon as possible, in which case you’ll find plenty of brand-new luxury apartments available in the heart of the city. For those who want nothing less than the most up-to-date properties at the most attractive prices, pre-construction condos may be the way to go. Choosing a pre-construction unit generally allows you more flexibility on price and also on the finished design. You may be able to negotiate for changes in the plan that might be harder to realize once construction is completed.

Miami currently boasts a wealth of inventive and exciting construction projects. While 2020 has been a challenging year for construction, the industry has risen to the occasion with some outstanding new developments. From re-imaginings of existing buildings to brand new structures, the Miami skyline continues to change and evolve. Ongoing developments are going up in every Miami district, including new condos in Coconut Grove and exciting mixed-use proposals in the Leisure City neighborhood. As towers soar skywards at Edgewater, Biscayne, and Grand Station, developers and investors alike continue to flock to the city. Eager Miami residents and investors are snapping up residential units with an eye for a good deal.

Of course, you need professionals you can rely on to create the ideal space for you. Perhaps you’ve found your dream dwelling or business location and need a few minor alterations to bring it in line with your conception. Alternatively, you may be looking at a vacant lot or a building earmarked for demolition and require a skilled team to bring your vision into being as you work from the ground up. Whatever your situation and needs, MV Group is here for you.

MV Group offers a unique combination of deep-rooted expertise and pioneering creativity. We can provide a full spectrum of construction services, from architectural design to interior remodeling and decorating. Our vertically integrated services are second to none. We have an extensive portfolio covering everything from custom-built homes to condo remodels; our projects range from luxury family dwellings to high-end corporate spaces. We’re not restricted to Miami, either: MV Group is pleased to offer outstanding construction and remodeling throughout South Florida.

Working with MV Group means that you only have one company to deal with: we design buildings, undertake construction, and finish and decorate the interior. You never have to hunt around for an additional service, as everything is taken care of. Our services include not only construction but architecture, home additions, remodeling — everything you need. Our domestic projects include luxury condos, mansions, and everything in between, while our commercial and business projects include medical facilities and office build-outs.

MV Group is your perfect partner for a high-end construction project in Miami with unparalleled expertise and experience. Contact us today to find out more about luxury living in Miami.