From inception to final design, MV Group’s bottom line is execution of excellence. Deriving from that standard is our EXCEL deliverable:


Expectations are set from the initial client meeting, from deadlines to progress and necessary changes along the way.


eXtra value-added attention is placed on each client relationship. Lines of communication are perpetually open and what is promised is delivered.


Communication is key. Our professional team becomes partners with our clients during all phases of progression on each and every customized project.


Expertise among all facets of its signature construction, design and client services is what definitively places MV Group at the core of imaginative success. 


Longevity in a client relationship is paramount. MV Group prides itself on those and sets the foundation for a healthy, productive working relationship with our clients from the first meeting onward.

MV Group delivers distinction, deep-rooted expertise and fresh creativity through multi-dimensional construction and interior design construction solutions tailored to each client’s expectations and inspirations.
Custom, by definition, means “made to the specifications of an individual.” Which is precisely what MV Group strives to provide with each and every project we take on. Everything we design, we can build. That’s our promise. Residential, commercial or city living, we tailor your needs and lifestyle to our innovative designs, resulting in a dream home built entirely around you!
To ensure your custom-inspired creation becomes a reality, we factor in productivity, quality, cost-effectiveness, relationships, safety and environmental issues. Standards by which MV Group lives and works by. We couldn’t have achieved such grand-scale success any other way.
To save you valuable time and money, we thoroughly analyze the scope of your project, considering all means and methods to ensure maximum productivity from concept to completion.
Our goal: Complete your project on time, within your budget and exactly to your specifications.
Our dedicated team of interior design construction professionals, builders and contractors takes care of every detail so you don’t have to. From building code and compliance issues to selecting the perfect window treatment, and everything in-between … we handle it.
Our team works around the clock with a company-wide checks and balances system, so not one detail is missed, and everything is completed to the highest design standard.
Throughout the design process, we constantly evaluate the space, design and materials to assure we are taking the most cost-effective approach when taking on your project.
Utilizing the most advanced scheduling, estimating and project management tools, we save you money without sacrificing quality.
MV Group prides itself on enduring, exceptional client relationships. In an age where construction and design companies cannot always be relied upon, MV Group excels in consistently offering clients
unrivaled knowledge, creativity, resolute service and communications and, most notably, extraordinary outcomes. The result is client-inspired innovation.
Implementing and enforcing MV Group safety policies and procedures on every project is a top priority.
We strictly adhere to all OSHA compliance requirements and place special emphasis on safety training and education throughout all areas of the firm.
Assessing the environmental footprint of a job is paramount throughout the build-out and design phase of every project.
To make the least impact, we develop and implement hazard mitigation plans and environmental clean-up, as well as strict compliance with all DERM requirements.